Spanish - English translations and vice versa


Translations for your brand

Translating is much more than just replacing a word with its counterpart in another language. That’s why Speakabit offers quality translations thinking about your company, your brand and your message.

We specialize in corporate and online marketing translations.

Professional translations

We not only focus on translating texts

but also on the message you're trying to convey

All kinds of texts and formats

Literary, technical, advertising texts… We accept documents in a variety of formats to facilitate the work.

We work with the best technologies and tools to make the process as quick and fluid as possible, but it will always be a real person who translated and checks your texts.

Doc formats Speakabit
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Proofreading and copy editing

Two heads are better than one. That’s why we offer you quality proofreading services. Grammar mistakes, wrong sentence structure or terminology errors can all be solved thanks to proofreading.

Need more than one service? No problem! If your original text needs to be revised and proofread before it’s translated, we can take care of everything. If you need them, we’ll also make suggestions to improve its style and make it as interesting as possible for your target audience.

Features and rates

Our translation services are tailored to your needs

Basic translation


per word

  1. Our cheapest solution
  2. English - Spanish and viceversa
  3. For plain text translations
  4. Ideal for non-technical texts

Technical translation


per word

  1. For texts in other formats (xml, po, etc)
  2. Contact us for more information

Min. 2000 words

Need a copy editor?

Take a look at our content marketing services

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