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Why choose a personal tutor?

One-to-one classes are undoubtedly the best way to learn. People of all ages can benefit from them, from those who need to expand their vocabulary and improve their pronunciation to those interested in Business Spanish or basic Spanish for trips.

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Classes adapted to your interests

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Your personal tutor will try to make your classes entertaining focusing on your personal interests and your professional needs. Conversation can help you improve your vocabulary and learn the “real Spanish” people speak on the streets. For managers and employees, it’s a great way to enhance their presentations and stand out at work.

Constant feedback

Through email or social networks and comfortable online classes directly from home via Skype.


A personal tutor from day one

From day one, you’ll have an experience personal instructor who’ll walk you through the learning process, adapting classes to your level and your expectations.

Customized classes

Benefits of one-to-one instruction

Features and rates

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Not much time? Quick classes

  1. 30-minute clases (10 classes minimum)
  2. Ideal for solving doubts and for people with little time available
  3. A personal tutor just for you
  4. Fast and safe payment through PayPal

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