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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Brand name evaluation: What is it?

    We help your brand go international through our assessment and consultancy services. We take a look at your company and products’ names to make sure they don’t translate into anything offensive or that would sound “strange” to foreign ears.

    We’ll give you advice on how to improve your branding strategy for new markets.

  2. I need texts for my company's website

    That’s what we’re here for! If you’ve got a corporate website with empty Services pages (or texts that just “don’t sell”), we’ll ask you what you want to convey and we’ll write marketing texts for your site.

  3. Do you write content for blogs?

    Yep, we specialize in writing articles for corporate blogs, to help you increase brand visibility through an updated blog.

    We offer quality content, 100% original, SEO-focused and free of orthographic or grammatical errors that could hurt your brand.

  4. Is the content SEO-focused?

    Many agencies offer “SEO content” but it should actually be a natural thing. After all, you want to get a high ranking for what you do and offer and that’s what you’ll talk about in your corporate website and blog.

    We try to avoid an endless number of keywords that make articles imposible to read and won’t do anything but hurt your brand’s image.

    Features and rates here.

  5. In what languages?

    We work with English and Spanish for both our consultancy service as well as our content writing for campaigns and blogs.

    British and American English (although we focus on this last one because we consider it the “language of business”, more international) and Spanish from Spain, Latin America or “neutral Spanish” (more info here).