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Play sports or work out to improve language learning

The effect of sports on our brains

Get up and start working out to improve your foreign languages level! The effect of sports on our brains.

29 / AugLanguage and Tutoring
No problemo Speakabit

“No problemo” isn’t Spanish

Spanglish expressions

Spanish problems? No problemo, we’ve got ya 😉

15 / NovLanguage and Tutoring
Follow Twitter accounts recommended by Speakabit

5 recommended accounts to improve your English

Learn English with Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube

5 accounts you can follow on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to learn or improve your English.

10 / OctLanguage and Tutoring
Speakabit Youtube channel

New Youtube channel with English and Spanish tips!

Speakabit's brand new channel

We’ve launched a brand new Youtube channel where we’ll be posting videos related to our areas of expertise: language learning, translation, localization, and the online world.

Learn vocabulary

Two great ways to learn vocabulary

How to improve your foreign language knowledge

We’ve already talked about how multimedia can help you improve your foreign language level, making the process more fun. Here are a few other fun activities that can help, especially with vocabulary.

25 / NovLanguage and Tutoring
Lengua materna

The languages you speak can help you learn new ones

Including your mother tongue

The more languages you speak, the more easily you can learn other languages… or feel like it’s all a mess. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of learning a language that is similar to your mother tongue.

03 / NovLanguage and Tutoring
Mobile language learning

Tips to improve your level with everyday tasks

Use the internet and your phone for language learning

The internet and your phone can be your best friends on your language learning journey. A few tips on how to improve your level while performing everyday tasks.

20 / OctTutoring
Studying languages

Learning languages is boring

How to make it fun through books, movies and music

The importance of multimedia (books, movies, music) for making language learning fun. We will dig deeper with a few articles on the topic. Stay tuned!

08 / OctTutoring
Excuses learning languages

Learning a language: Common excuses

Get past these and start learning!

When we’re starting a new project and we’re not too excited about it, there are a few things we always say to justify procrastination. Here are some of the most common excuses we hear.

28 / SepLanguage and Tutoring
Spanish false friends

Truth and lies about Spanish “false friends”

Similar words with different meaning

False friends are foreign words that look or sound similar but have a different meaning. Here are some common misconceptions regarding false cognates.

15 / SepLanguage and Tutoring