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2017: Our most visited articles

The best of Speakabit's blog

2018 is just around the corner and there are many more blog posts to come. That’s why we don’t want these articles to get lost in the “blogosphere”. Here you have the most visited posts on Speakabit’s blog for 2017.



pseudo anglicisms

What are pseudo-anglicisms?

Words that seem like English but aren't

Words that seem like English but aren’t. Examples, the problem with pseudo-anglicisms, and foreign words in the English language.

30 / NovLanguage and Translation

How Google Translate could be manipulated

Why automated translation can't replace humans

A strange anecdote featuring Google Translate that’s just… scary!

12 / SepTranslation
Localize app

Things to take into consideration before localizing an app

Localization of mobile applications

We’ve already talked about the difference between translation and localization so now let’s take a look at some things you should take into account before localizing your app, focusing on mobile applications.


Chinese market

How to reinvent a brand to enter a new market

Localizing for the Chinese market

Entering new markets is no easy task when language and culture differ. Let’s see how big brands did it for the Chinese market and how you can benefit from localization and brand naming to get your products and services to new audiences.

Netflix Walking Dead translation

Do it like Netflix: Globalize or localize but do it now!

Globalization and localization for companies

Netflix entered 130 markets at once -but not in 130 languages.

How they did it and why you should go global and localize to reach new markets and make your brand and products more attractive.

Google Tap to translate

10 years of Google Translate

Breaking language barriers

Raise your hand if you’ve never used Google Translate.

30 / SepTranslation
Whatsapp Speakabit blog

Pronunciation and new words: What should we accept as valid?

Discussions on Twitter about the way we speak

When a certain pronunciation is widely heard, it gets accepted, but many are left out, and accepting “these, and not those” as valid makes us go a little crazy when we’re trying to translate or transcribe something.

23 / SepLanguage and Translation
Spanish error

Careless translations: Laísmo in Spanish texts

Also loísmo and leísmo, linguistic phenomena

Laísmo, loísmo and leísmo, linguistic phenomena. If you’re localizing, take these into account and look for educated writers and content strategists with the background and style you need.

Translation company

Translations for companies: Software or outsourcing

Choosing between tools and professionals

When they need translating or localizing content, many companies are tempted by all kinds of translation tools. The problem is, depending on what kind of content we’re talking about, some of them can be useful or end up as another ingredient in a recipe for disaster.