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2017: Our most visited articles

The best of Speakabit's blog

2018 is just around the corner and there are many more blog posts to come. That’s why we don’t want these articles to get lost in the “blogosphere”. Here you have the most visited posts on Speakabit’s blog for 2017.



Speakabit Youtube channel

New Youtube channel with English and Spanish tips!

Speakabit's brand new channel

We’ve launched a brand new Youtube channel where we’ll be posting videos related to our areas of expertise: language learning, translation, localization, and the online world.

Translation company

Translations for companies: Software or outsourcing

Choosing between tools and professionals

When they need translating or localizing content, many companies are tempted by all kinds of translation tools. The problem is, depending on what kind of content we’re talking about, some of them can be useful or end up as another ingredient in a recipe for disaster.

Global marketing

Ecommerce, translation and global marketing

Grabbing users' attention in their own language

On inbound and outbound marketing, and how these terms can help you build trust and show professionalism to your customers, in any language.

08 / SepMarketing and Speakabit
Translation rates

Cost of a translation project

Per word or per project?

Question: How would you prefer to invest in your project? Knowing the agency will charge you per translated word or for the project as a whole, after analyzing it?

Speakabit on laptop

We want to help your brand go global

Advice and articles for companies

Interested in learning more about the world of languages, translation and content marketing? In need of some tips regarding your brand’s globalization and entering foreign markets?

You’re in the right place: Welcome to Speakabit’s brand new blog!

10 / OctSpeakabit