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The cost of a spelling error

A real-life example

An apostrophe gaffe has cost a Northern Irish council more than £1,000.


31 / AugLanguage and Marketing
Localize app

Things to take into consideration before localizing an app

Localization of mobile applications

We’ve already talked about the difference between translation and localization so now let’s take a look at some things you should take into account before localizing your app, focusing on mobile applications.


Chinese market

How to reinvent a brand to enter a new market

Localizing for the Chinese market

Entering new markets is no easy task when language and culture differ. Let’s see how big brands did it for the Chinese market and how you can benefit from localization and brand naming to get your products and services to new audiences.

Netflix Walking Dead translation

Do it like Netflix: Globalize or localize but do it now!

Globalization and localization for companies

Netflix entered 130 markets at once -but not in 130 languages.

How they did it and why you should go global and localize to reach new markets and make your brand and products more attractive.

Starbucks brand naming

All about Brand naming

The importance of a brand or product name

An introduction to brand naming and branding for companies. Advice on how to avoid common mistakes and a checklist for new brands.

05 / DecMarketing
Spanish error

Careless translations: Laísmo in Spanish texts

Also loísmo and leísmo, linguistic phenomena

Laísmo, loísmo and leísmo, linguistic phenomena. If you’re localizing, take these into account and look for educated writers and content strategists with the background and style you need.

Café profesional idiomas

How to show your foreign languages level on your resume

Tips to show your knowledge on your CV

Nowadays, a foreign language is key if you’re looking for a well-paid job and essential if it’s abroad. That’s why it has to be on your resume. Some advice and recommendations.

13 / OctMarketing
Global marketing

Ecommerce, translation and global marketing

Grabbing users' attention in their own language

On inbound and outbound marketing, and how these terms can help you build trust and show professionalism to your customers, in any language.

08 / SepMarketing and Speakabit
Trademarked English words

Great marketing: Words you use that are trademarked

Brand names we say daily

Summer is coming. Are you going to play frisbee? Do some hula hooping? Take a relaxing bath in your jacuzzi? Maybe wondering why all these words are italicized?

05 / MayLanguage and Marketing
Content optimization

About SEO translations

Translating with optimization in mind

SEO isn’t a nice term to hear (or read). Whenever we think about SEO, some ugly images come to mind, such as websites filled with nothing but keywords. Still, there are many companies looking for “SEO-focused translations”.