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spinning languages

Play sports or work out to improve language learning

The effect of sports on our brains

Get up and start working out to improve your foreign languages level! The effect of sports on our brains.

29 / AugLanguage and Tutoring
foreign cursing

Language psychology: Feeling more comfortable swearing in a foreign language

Foreign foul language

Why do we feel more comfortable swearing or using “bad words” in a foreign language? We keep exploring language psychology.

21 / MayLanguage
Best blog posts

2017: Our most visited articles

The best of Speakabit's blog

2018 is just around the corner and there are many more blog posts to come. That’s why we don’t want these articles to get lost in the “blogosphere”. Here you have the most visited posts on Speakabit’s blog for 2017.



pseudo anglicisms

What are pseudo-anglicisms?

Words that seem like English but aren't

Words that seem like English but aren’t. Examples, the problem with pseudo-anglicisms, and foreign words in the English language.

30 / NovLanguage and Translation
Emoji language

Emojis: The universal language?

The internet's communication phenomenon

More people understand emoji than English“‘Emoji’ movie sucks (sad face!)” wrote the New York Post. And it probably does, but do emojis suck too? Are they really that dumb and useless?

26 / OctLanguage

The cost of a spelling error

A real-life example

An apostrophe gaffe has cost a Northern Irish council more than £1,000.


31 / AugLanguage and Marketing
Language learning

Language learning apps: yay or nay?

Pros and limitations

Nowadays, we use the internet for everything, even for learning foreign languages. Pros and limitations of language learning apps.

21 / AugLanguage
Brexit and the English language

What happens to English in the EU after Brexit?

The European Union's official languages

Even in Europe, English is king. What happens now that the UK exits the EU via the infamous Brexit?

11 / AugLanguage
Chinese market

How to reinvent a brand to enter a new market

Localizing for the Chinese market

Entering new markets is no easy task when language and culture differ. Let’s see how big brands did it for the Chinese market and how you can benefit from localization and brand naming to get your products and services to new audiences.

No problemo Speakabit

“No problemo” isn’t Spanish

Spanglish expressions

Spanish problems? No problemo, we’ve got ya 😉

15 / NovLanguage and Tutoring